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The BTCA website ( which has a wealth of information. See if there is anyone nearby who’ll invite you to meet their Border Terriers; look on the BTCOA website.


Go to a dog show and speak to owners. Visit our Facebook page to see if any Border Terriers are presently up for adoption and to post your questions regarding rescue.

It is important to be aware that Border Terriers are not the dog for everyone. NABTW does not place a dog until we know what his/her strengths or weaknesses are that indicate the kind of family in which a particular dog will thrive or not. We reserve the right not to place a dog if the situation is not absolutely right for that dog.

Please look over our “About the Breed” page and think about how a Border Terrier would fit into your home.


If you decide a Border Terrier is not for you or you are not ready to make a commitment to a purebred pup or dog, we encourage you to go to or visit your local shelter. Somewhere, you will find the right dog at the right time. All dogs deserve a good life in a happy home.


On the other hand, if you’re intrigued by the Border Terrier, and your research tells you it’s time to take a leap of informed faith, please go to our “Ready, Steady, Go” page to complete the adoption application. We are dedicated to ensuring that the right Border Terrier will become part of your life, if it’s meant to be. Be prepared to wait. Patience may not be a virtue of Border Terriers, but it is essential while waiting to find the best Border for you.



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