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Once a Border Terrier is turned over to NABTW, we will find a foster home, see to veterinary care, vaccinations, medical tests and, when necessary, needed treatment. The foster will evaluate the dog’s temperament and make specific suggestions regarding the most suitable type of home for a particular dog. NABTW does not place a dog until we know what his/her strengths or weaknesses that indicate what family situation in which he/she will thrive or perhaps not. We reserve the right not to place a dog if the situation is not absolutely right for that dog.


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We are the leading Border Terrier rescue organization in the US. We rescue Border Terriers from shelters, pounds, homelessness caused by the illness or death of an owner — any Border Terrier in need — then work tirelessly to find them new, happy homes. It is NABTW’s responsibility to meet the needs first of the dog, but also the requirements of the adopting family.


You are probably here because you have an interest in adopting a Border Terrier, or perhaps, in surrendering one presently in your care. Our organization is here to help you make the best possible choice, whatever the circumstance.


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