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    Mac and Zipper:

    Two Senior Rescue Littermates

    Mac and Zipper, eleven year old littermates, came into the NABTW rescue program when their breeder/owner was moved†to†an†assisted†care†facility. Both dogs needed major dental work for multiple infected teeth. They were fostered and returned to healthy conditions by Cindy Peebles and Betsy Kirkpatrick who had them for six months. During that time, NABTW determined that the two dogs should be adopted as a pair as neither had been without the other their entire lives.

    They were adopted by David Boiano and his wife, Kathy, who found them on the Internet. They had recently euthanized their first Border Terrier, Fritz, due to poor health. Fritz had been in four homes and was adopted by the Boianos in his senior years as well. At first, they were leery of adopting, not one, but two senior dogs again. However, they realized that being seniors and needing to be adopted as a pair, they would be difficult to adopt out. Most people wanting rescues do not want a senior dog, let alone two. David continued to check the rescue page hoping to see that the two had been adopted. When they had not been, they decided to contact Cindy and Betsy and open their hearts and their home to Mac and Zipper.

    Now the next obstacle was to get the dogs to the Boianos. Because his work schedule did not permit him to make the 10 hour drive from upstate New York to Lynchburgh, Virginia, Cindy made the trip to Pennsylvania so that the two could get to their new home sooner.

    When David and Kathy met up with Mac and Zipper, the two dogs quickly approached them as if they knew them. When it came time to load them up for the trip home, Mac and Zipper got right into their carriers. They slept the whole way to their new homes. It did not take long for the two to become attached to their new owners and settle in. When David leaves for work, he hears their mournful chorus; Zipper leading the howl and Mac singing "back up." The prancing, dancing greeting they give David and Kathy when they come home is familiar to us all. There isn't a day goes by that David is not thankful that they adopted them. In fact, they feel sorry for the people who passed the opportunity to take them before them because they were seniors or because there were two. They certainly do not regret their decision even thought the Boianos' time with Mac and Zipper might not be as long as it would have been with a younger dog. Whatever time they get with these two has already been wonderful and they truly enjoy the time they do have with them


    Another Senior Rescue Story With a Happy Ending

    Maggie is a 12 year old Border Terrier that was surrendered to a local pound by her previous owner. She had separation anxiety and barked constantly in the shelter. Marg Pough was able to provide her with foster care for many months. She was in very poor health at the time she was admitted to the NABTW rescue program. She had a history of food allergies, thyroid problems and seizures. In addition she broke with a severe case of Clostridium difficle diarrhea, which luckily responded to antibiotics. After switching her to a readily available salmon and rice commercial diet she stopped itching. It took four months to titrate her phenobarbitol down and her thyroid levels up into therapeutic ranges. But once her thyroid levels were correct she began to grow hair on both her tail and her back.

    Maggie was accepted into Marg's pack with no problems, and learned to accept a crate as a secure place where barking was not necessary, and that "dumpster diving" was not acceptable. She was taken on long walks with a friend's large dogs. In Marg's care, Maggie blossomed and the barking diminished except at meal times? where her LOUD bark can still be heard. Genie Hurme had spoken to Marg some years ago, when looking for a rescue dog. Last fall, her rescue Fox Terrier died, and she called Marg again. Genie came and met Maggie, and when her health and medications were stabilized, she took Maggie on a trial basis when Marg went off to a weekend show in February. "Queen Margaret" aka Maggie, never came back. Getting Maggie made Genie decide to buy a house instead of moving into another apartment. After 8 months on the good diet, and with thyroid levels in therapeutic ranges, Maggie now has a healthy coat and healthy ears. She and Genie are both enjoying their new home.