About the Breed

Border Terriers originated on the borders of Scotland and England where they were used to destroy vermin, particularly foxes. They have a quieter, more level temperament than many terriers because they ran with the foxhounds when hunting rather than being transported to where they were needed. Their history is fascinating; learning more about it is, in fact, part of the fun of inviting this wonderful little dog into your life.


An energetic and strong dog, Borders have a wiry outer coat and softer undercoat to keep out the weather. They have distinctive otter-shaped heads with drop ears. Tails are not docked. They still remain basically a working dog with a strong prey drive. It’s not recommended that you let them run loose. They throw their work ethic into almost any sport. Border Terriers also show empathy and aptitude for therapy work whether in nursing homes, pediatric wards or disaster sites.

Borders are sensible, make good housedogs and will even live happily in an apartment, provided they are given sufficient exercise. They love attention and any outdoor activity and exercise, but their owner must accept and understand that they are a hunting dog.

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